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Detox Matcha on the Go Tea Sticks – 28 Soluble Tea Sticks with Probiotics



Detox Supreme Soluble Tea with Japanese grade A Culinary Matcha, enhanced with probiotics to support digestive functions and immune system**

We know all about busy lifestyles. That’s why we created an ‘on the go’ Detox stick that taste great and is easy to use. Simple tear it open, pour the dissolvable powder into hot or cold water, mix well and enjoy. It’s so simple you can enjoy this delicious tea anywhere, anytime.

So what are you waiting for? Order today and start boosting your energy, speeding up your metabolism and working towards a healthier you!

Instantly dissolves for on the go lifestyles!

Honey: High-quality honey contains many important antioxidants. These include organic acids and phenolic compounds like flavonoids. Scientists believe that the combination of these compounds gives honey its antioxidant power.

Pomegranates: Pomegranates pack two unique substances that are responsible for most of their health benefits. Punicalagins: Punicalagins are extremely potent antioxidants found in pomegranate juice and peel. They’re so powerful that pomegranate juice has been found to have three times the antioxidant activity of red wine and green tea. Pomegranate extract and powder is typically made from the peel, due to its high antioxidant and punicalagin content. Punicic Acid: Punicic acid, found in pomegranate seed oil, is the main fatty acid in the arils. It’s a type of conjugated linoleic acid with potent biological effects.

Matcha Green Tea: 137x Antioxidants Of Brewed Green Tea USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea can only be used in a powdered form because, unlike brewed green tea, it contains the entire tea leaf which dramatically increases the nutritional content. Helps Burn Calories: Support your weight loss goals with an all-natural way to increase your body’s metabolic rate. Matcha green tea contains the polyphenol EGCG, a thermogenic component thought to boost metabolism.

Oolong Tea: Oolong tea has many amazing benefits as it helps to boost metabolism, aids in weight loss, help improve brain, bone, and dental health. It also may have the ability to treat inflammatory disorders and high cholesterol levels while providing vital antioxidants and robust skin.

Uva Ursi Leaf: The herb also contains tannins that have astringent effects, helping to shrink and tighten mucous membranes in the body. In turn, that helps reduce inflammation and fight infection.

Buchu leaf: Historically, buchu has been used to treat inflammation, and kidney and urinary tract infections.

Ginger Root: Scientific analysis shows that ginger contains hundreds of compounds and metabolites, some of which may contribute to health and healing.

Juniper Berry: One of the big benefits of juniper berries is that their antiseptic properties help remove waste and acidic toxins from the body, stimulating a fighting action against bacterial and yeast infections.

Bacillus coagulant GBI-30 6086: Probiotics offer numerous health benefits, including digestive and immune health. Improved digestive health is linked to a more efficient absorption of important nutrients from our diet.

Ingredients: Honey, Pomegranate, Lemon flavor, Matcha green tea, Oolong tea, Uva Ursi leaf, Buchu leaf, Ginger Root, Juniper Berry, Stevia, Bacillus coagulant GBI-30 6086.

Brewing Instructions: Tea the tea stick open and add 1 packet to 6 oz. of hot or cold water and mix well. Drink a refreshing cup of our detox tea ‘on the go’ every morning with or without breakfast or before starting your daily workout!


* FDA Disclaimer: For a safe and effective detox, consider combining tea with a carefully selected exercise and diet plan. Always seek the advice and permission of a medical professional when undergoing a new health regime. None of our products have been evaluated by any authority and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Never disregard the advice of a medical professional because of something you have read on this label or our web site. Results may vary.

** As part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


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